Good Bye Butoh Master Yukio Waguri


The Butoh community worldwide mourns the passing of Butoh Master Yukio Waguri, who died yesterday in Tokyo, Japan.

A disciple of Tatsumi Hijikata, Waguri was passionate in preserving Founder of Butoh Tatsumi Hijikata' Butoh Fu (Butoh Notations).

Through his effort together with the Tatsumi Hijikata Archives, the publication of of the CD-ROM of Butoh Kaden in 1998, provided an opportunity to examine Hijikata’s method.


He will be greatly missed by his colleagues and students.

Good bye and thank you Yukio Waguri!


Main Performances
1972 Tatsumi Hijikata Performance, 27 Nights for Four Seasons, Shinjuku Theater
1973 Tatsumi Hijikata Performance, A Silent House, Seibu Theater
1974-1978 Hakutobo Consecutive Performance, Asbestos Hall,
1978 Kozensha Performance; Wings of Castle, Three hundred Theater
1990 Human Water, Atelier Fountain
1991 The Blue Pillar, Studio 200
1993 The Story of sun and moon, Seed Hall
1994 Wedding on the Field, Theater X
1995 Sinking Waterfall, P3 ART ENVIRONMENT
1996 Butoh Kaden, Theater X
1997 Ellora, The Dream of the Stone , Park Tower Hall
1998 Release of the Butoh Kaden in CD-Rom, Kinokuniya Hall
1998 Indonesia Art Summit; The Topography of the Fantasy”, TIM
1999-2001 Part-time Lecturer in Waseda University
1999 Public Performance in Lithuania, Australia & Korea
Human Water, Shonandai Cultural Center
2000 Vancouver Dance Festival, Seattle Dance Festival
The Bone of the Ground, Montreal, Agora Theater

2001 Tour to Korea & Indonesia by (Japan Foundation)

2002 Release of the entrust work by RDC in Vancouver
The Topography of the Fantasy, Olibe Hall

2003 Atarashiki Tomoe Keio University Orientation day, Hiyoshi Raiosha
Public Performance in Vancouver, Louis Riel
Dance Festival in Brazil, Wedding on The Field, SESC
NY Dance Festival, Journey of Spirit
An invitation lecturer in Drama Department, Graduate School, Yale University

2004 Journey of Spirit , Keio University Orientation day, Hiyoshi Raiosha
Participated in Yogyakarta Art Festival
Give lessons in The Catholic University of Sao Paulo

2005The Way of Illusion, Keio University Orientation day, Hiyoshi Raiosha
Participated in Asia Tori in Seoul
Participated in Yogyakarta Art Festival
Give lessons in University of Utah
“Dancing Poetic Drama”; The Woman & Shadow, guest performer,
 Okuma Lecture Hall,  Waseda University


2007Commemorative Performance for Establishment of Kazuo Ono Archive,
 Journey of Spirit, Bologna University
Russia Dance Festival,  Journey of Spirit ,  Sankt Peterburg,  Moscow

2008Participated in Kazuo Ono Festival, Centennial Anniversary plan for Japan-Brazil immigration
 Yamanba,  a co-product of Tokiwazu, Japanese traditionalDance
Guest performer, H. Art Chaos’s work Dante, La Divina Commedia
Participated in Japan-Indonesia 50th Anniversary Diplomatic Relation Project

2009Nyoba Kan International Buto Festival,  Kuala Lumpur
Kazuo Ono Festival in Yokohama KINJIKI

2010Contest with Yoshito Ono in [Radioactive Dust] Eiko Hosoe Photograph Exhibition, Jissoji Shoin
Nyoba Kan International Buto Festival,  Kuala Lumpur
NY-CAVE Dance Workshop Collaboration
KohzenshaDance Performance,  Labyrinth of body,  Nippori SanyHall

2011 MarchPublic Dance Performance in China,  Journey of Spirit
performed in The Nine Theater in Beijing, organized by Japan Foundation
Public Dance PerformanceTransformation,  Bali
The tour in USA [Chicago,Soltlakecity,NYC. Boulder]
Water Moon in Malaysia ,Bangkok

2012.  Performance [Journey of Spirit] CHILE Butoh FestivalSantiago,
        Butoh workshopat HongKong, Y space. Macau, Kualarumpur.
        Performance [Sick Princess] Kazuo Ohno Festival At Yokohama.
        Performance [Journey of Spirit] Barcelona Butoh Festival

2013. Performance [Francis Bacon] National Museum of Modern Art of Tokyo Toyota shi Museum Performance [Ryu Chai Chi I] Kuaralumpur. HongKong.
          Taiwan [gaoshun/Taipei]  Macau fringe festival.

2014. Lecture and performanceNational Institute od dramatic art[Sydney]  Workshop and performance SESC Paurista [Sao Paulo]
        Workshop[Hong Kong/Y-space]  Performance {Shiya}  [Kualalumpur]