Critical acclaim for Project Godie by the Legendary International Times- Vangeline in the UK


We are thrilled to share this NEW OUTSTANDING REVIEW by Claire Palmer in the LEGENDARY INTERNATIONAL TIMES- The Newspaper of Resistance - about "Project Godie" in Newcastle (UK).

Vangeline had to the pleasure to dance BUTOH as well as choreograph/direct this project presented by Surface Area DanceTheatre.


More critical acclaim for Butoh in a legendary counterculture magazine founded in the 60's, supported by Paul Mc Cartney and Allen Ginsberg:

"electric...a psychological confrontation...deeply ominous and unnerving...Hypnotising...sensationally terrifying."

"Western cultural references could be the witches in Macbeth, Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, Lindsay Kemp’s radical mime/dance show Flowers in the 1970s, or Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. But even with this cache of cultural strangeness under your belt, nothing quite prepares you for the sheer thrill and terror inflicted by the barely perceptible advance of the dancers."

Claire Palmer - THE INTERNATIONAL TIMES- The Newspaper of Resistance August 15, 2016



Again congratulations to Surface Area DanceTheatre, Nicole Vivien Watson, Molly Procter, Trans/Human, Adam Denton, Luke Twyman, Katerina Dipla, Aaron Guy, Paul Miller, Louise Gregory, Lucy Emma Nichol, and Vangeline.


15th August - The Journal - Review