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HOWl! Happening in association with The New York Butoh Institute and Vangeline Theater presents:
Wednesday July 12 at 7pm
Kazuo Ohno Dances on film
"An Offering to Heaven" ( FILM)
At Howl! happening
6 E 1st St
New York, NY
(917) 475-1294
The unique art of Butoh originated in post-World War II Japan as a reaction to the loss of identity caused by the westernization of Japanese culture, as well as a realization that ancient Japanese performing traditions no longer spoke to a contemporary audience. One of the major developments in contemporary dance in the latter half of the 20th century, Butoh combines dance, theater, improvisation and influences of Japanese traditional performing arts to create a unique performing art form that is both controversial and universal in its expression.
Legendary Kazuo Ohno was invited to the 14th International Festival in Nancy, France, in 1980 and toured to Strasbourg, London, Stuttgart, Paris and Stockholm. He danced "Admiring La Argentina" in the festival and had a great impact on the audience for his unique work. With Hijikata directing, he created two more major works, "My Mother" and "Dead Sea", performed with Yoshito Ohno. Other works of Ohno's include "Water Lilies", "Ka Cho Fu Getsu"(Flowers-Birds-Wind-Moon)and "The Road in Heaven, The Road in Earth". As one of the most significant Butoh performers, Ohno has toured throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. He has performed in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, France, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Canada and the United States. Many students have come to study under him from all over the world.
“I would love to offer you even something as tiny as a grain of sand. If only I could succeed in doing that, then I might fulfill my longing to share a part of my life with you. Isn’t it worth risking one’s life to offer something as microscopic as that tiny single grain of sand chosen from amidst countless millions? Take great care at all times. Even the most infinitesimal detail of the slightest gesture you make should be executed with loving care. It’s never too late to start” -Kazuo Ohno, from Kazuo Ohno’s World: From Without & Within
The New York Butoh Institute is dedicated to sharing information about butoh and educating the public about Butoh. The New York Butoh Institute reaches out to the New York community by offering public Butoh classes, workshops and performances through collaborations with international and national Butoh artists, as well as to members of the incarcerated population, via teaching Butoh at correctional facilities in New York ("The Dream a Dream Project" since 2007). This award-winning project continues to contribute to the rehabilitation of New York's incarcerated population.
Photo: OHNO KAZUOin October 1986