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Noguchi gymnastic workshop with Mari Osanai- preparation for Butoh

Noguchi gymnastic workshop in New York with Mari Osanai- preparation for Butoh

Mari Osanai

Mari Osanai

Hosted by Vangeline Theater and New York Butoh Institute

16 hours

307 West 43rd Street corner of 8th avenue NY NY
Subways: A to Port Authority 42nd Street
Hosted by Vangeline Theater /

Thursday, September 29, 6-9pmStudio A
Friday, September 30, 6-9pm      Studio B
Saturday, October 1st, 1-6pm        Studio A
Sunday October 2, 1-6pm             Studio B

All levels and complete beginners are welcome.

Noguchi Gymnastics is a wonderful preparation for Butoh. Tatsumi Hijikata and most Japanese Butoh dancers in the lineage learned Noguchi. We highly recommend this gentle workshop to beginners, seasoned dancers, professionals, and even older dancers.

The benefits of Noguchi will stay with you for years to come. Tensions melt and flexibility improves. Mari Osanai ia a wonderful, gentle teacher.

Mari Osanai

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher of Noguchi Taiso

(Taiso = gymnastics or training)


Mari Osanai was born in Aomori (north top of main Island in Japan) Japan. She was trained in Classical Ballet and Modern dance at an early age and later studied jazz dance Tai Chi and Noguchi Taiso.

Particularly Noguchi Taiso and its philosophy and theory had a great influence on her creations. Her unique and complex movements are created interweaving these techniques. Also taking class of Mr.Hironobu Oikawa. She got some interesting idea for movements by him.

Over the years,she has performed and taught workshops in Japan. She started performing oversea since 1994; Canada (9 cities),the United States, Greece, and Germany.

She is a teacher of Noguchi Taiso and currently resides in Aomori city japan.

Mari Osanai started dance with world-renowned audio artists Charles Christophe from 1997 with "sky dream"(1997),

"DOWNⅡ","hollow place"2000),"Symbiosis" ,"Grey Waters,Vast"(2001),

"Verena","sea-watching","untitled-Ⅴ","mobile opinions"(2005),"bs-1"(2012),"Furiko"(2014),"urtypus"(2000,2016),

Collaboration with Charles Christophe in Vancouver International Dance Festival and Art museum of Aomori prefecture production "Aleko"(2007).



4 DAYS: $295

ENROLL HERE for 4 days:

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  • THURSDAY ONLY SEPT 29 - 3 hours- $55

Debit/Credit cards    or   PAYPAL

  • FRIDAY ONLY SEPT 30- 3 hours- $55

Debit/Credit cards    or   PAYPAL

  • SATURDAY ONLY OCT 1st - 5 hours $110

Debit/Credit cards    or   PAYPAL

  • SUNDAY ONLY OCT 2nd - 5 hours - $110

Debit/Credit cards    or   PAYPAL

  • SAT/SUN - Oct 1st and 2nd, 10 hours - $200

Debit/Credit cards    or   PAYPAL

  • THURS/FRI - Sept 29 and 30 - 6 hours - $105

Debit/Credit cards    or    PAYPAL


All payments are non refundable.