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Moeno Wakamatsu in Hitohana Hitosekai - One Flower One World

Vangeline Theater/ New York Butoh Institute presents in association with Triskelion Arts:

Moeno Wakamatsu

Hitohana Hitosekai (One Flower One World)   

Photo By Richard Greene

Photo By Richard Greene

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 9pm

At Triskelion Arts ( Muriel Shuman theater)

106 Calyer Street

Enter on Banker St.

Brooklyn NY 11222

In one flower there is a world.   In one moment there is an entirety.

"The art of disappearance:

To see Moeno Wakamatsu on stage is to experience a fluctuation of the perception where the gaze is disturbed but soothes to be no longer in the obligation to discern between the presence of a body and the contours of the space that surrounds it. Reason forces us to declare that objectively Moeno Wakamatsu is there in front of us but at the same time our senses seem disturbed by a slight turbulence, a shudder of the air, responsible for the uncertain appearance of a vibrating being that can to be in turn so concrete and so transparent. Moeno Wakamatsu invites us both to take the measure of the daily gaze and to slip into the poetry of an uncertain look, where atom after atom, a concentrated presence becomes resonant presence, as diluted in the space it reveals. To see Moeno Wakamatsu on stage is to experience an oscillation between solidity and fluidity, to experience a poetry of appearance and disappearance.

— Lê Quan Ninh, Percussionist

Her solo lured me  into the vortex of the dream of phantasm.    The kimono that she wears has lived a 100 years, woven with memories of days gone by of a young woman….   Her flesh fuses and dissolves with the cloth she wears —  the keepsake from her grandmother.      At this moment of dissolution,  I saw a dream with my eyes open — it loomed large onto the reality called “performance” — a dream of Life and Death that is fleeting, gracefully accepting, and strong, like a flower….

— Atsushi Takenouchi, Butoh Dancer (Japan)

“We usually only see one world and one life. Her dance showed us the world after life — how  a flower looks like when it no longer carries the burden of being a flower —  like a spirit from “the other side “ in darkness. An utmost presence where time and space is put out of order.”

— Audience member, dancer

Photo by Wolfgang Shafer

Photo by Wolfgang Shafer