Picture by Michael Blase

Picture by Michael Blase

BUTOH BEETHOVEN - Eclipse - with Vangeline

Photo by Giuseppe Cerone

Photo by Giuseppe Cerone

A 60-minute Butoh solo conceived, choreographed and performed, by Vangeline

New York Butoh star Vangeline conjures the ghosts of two passionate giantsTatsumi Hijikata, founder of Butoh, and composer Ludwig van Beethoven in this hypnotic, electrifying and award-winning solo performance.

The word “Eclipse” is derived from the ancient Greek noun κλειψις (ékleipsis), meaning “abandonment," “downfall,” or “the darkening of a heavenly body” which in turn stems from the verb κλείπω (ekleípō) which means “to abandon,” “to darken,” or “to cease to exist. Butoh is likewise the “Dance of Darknesswhere performers first appear human, then as ghosts.

BUTOH BEETHOVEN: ECLIPSE (Admiring Tatsumi Hijikata), is a solo piece that illuminates the darkness of Butoh with the addition of cutting edge lighting technologies such as the futuristic creations of European designer Tilen Sepič and fiber optic costume by the French company Lumigram. After touring this show for the past two years and receiving four stars at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, five stars at Copenhagen Stage Festival and critical acclaim in New York and the United States, Vangeline shines a new light on Butoh and will transport audiences.


“Incredibly moving and powerful…Vangeline has the control and poise of a true master of Butoh in this 60-minute feat of solo endurance… It is clear that Vangeline is an artist who knows the darkness of Butoh well, and has the incredible skill to make that darkness dance.

Vangeline's virtuosic solo performance will make your skin crawl in the best way possible, conjuring the ghosts of tortured geniuses Beethoven and Tatsumi Hijikata and bringing Butoh into the 21st century with technical marvels and masterful skill.

The lighting effects are truly stunning… A being of pure light and time, Eclipse is a trance-like exploration of the tension between slowness and infinite speed.”

-Taylor Black, Theasy, New York


“A mesmerizing and exhilarating jewel… Vangeline’s exquisite control allows change where there seems no movement… a resplendent piece of performance theatre well worth seeking out: a true tour de force, literally a feat of strength, within and without.”

- 4 stars-Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Spotlight


“…Using subtle and raw choreography, brilliant accompaniment and the power of her presence, Vangeline succeeds in bringing an essence of these iconic individuals to life on stage. The show enthralls from start to finish. Vangeline’s performance is deeply engrossing

-4 stars-Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Broadway Baby


“Vangeline seamlessly embodies the two ghosts simultaneously…in a demonstration of strength both muscular and mental, and against the backdrop of a crushed Japan struggling to recreate itself, Vangeline tells the story of Butoh through Butoh, and tells it beautifully.”

-Melanie Brown, Stage Buddy, New York


Photography by Michael Blase

Photography by Michael Blase