Performance History for the Vangeline Theater:



Solo performance by Vangeline for Grammy-Award winning artist Skrillex, Million Dollar Theatre, LA, January 15

"An evening of Butoh with Vangeline Theater and Vanessa Skantze", Cameo Studios, Feb 27

"Tres Mort- Tremor", at Howl! Happening, April 29- May 2, Photo- video exhibit and performance in collaboration with Celeste Sloman

"Beauty and the Beast", Night of Thousand Stevies, Irving Plaza, May 2nd

"Wake Up and Smell the Coffee", Triskelion Presents, June 26, 27

"FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN", Magic/ New Town Theater, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland,   August 6-17

 "FIFTH OF BUTOH", Theater of Yugen, Noh Theater, San Francisco, Oct 23, 24

"LUMINOUS", Cameo Studios, NY,with Butoh Master Tetsuro Fukuhara and Vangeline, Nov 6

"SENRYU BUTOH", Kraine Theater, New York, November 24, 25- with Butoh Master Katsura Kan and Chisato Seino



"FIFTH of BUTOH", at *Triskelion Arts*, February 7, 8, 9

PHANTOGRAM "FALL IN LOVE" music video, Choreography by Vangeline, dancer Azumi Oe

"FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN", at *Triskelion Arts*, April 5

"FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN", official selection of The ONE Festival,
*4th Street Theatre*, April 24 and 26

"Night of Thousand Stevies", Spellbound, *Irving PLaza*, May 9

Crimson Sun, butoh installation at Le Petit Versailles, NY, June 21

"FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN", Avignon Festival, France, *The Garage International*, July 12-26

"FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN", Women of Butoh, Asheville Butoh Festival, Sept 18-22

“Katsu Katsu Katsu” at Dumbo Dance Festival. White Wave, Sept 27, 28

“Quick Sand” Bowie Ball, le Poission Rouge, October 12

“GHOSTLIGHTS” Gene Frankel Theatre, October 31

Brooklyn Museum, November 1st

"FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN”, Chicago Butoh Festival, December 3-9



"Modern Life", CIRQUE OFF at *Triskelion Arts*, January 19

SPECTRAL, presented by *Triskelion Art*, Feb 1st and 2nd

Kudzu, *Resobox*, April 6

Night of Thousand Stevies 23: Crystal, *Highline Ballroom*, May 3

Performance with Tetsuro Fukuhara, Idea New City Festival, May 4

"MOSAIC", Howl! Festival, *Tompkins Square Park*, June 1st

"NIBERLUNGEN", Low Life 7, *Tompkins Square Park*, June 2nd,

PS122 gala, *Museo Del Barrio*, June 10

"White Fencing", Dumbo Dance Festival, *White Wave*, Sept 27

Passage, *Ise Cultural Foundation*, November 7

Dance Macabre 2, Howl! Festival, *Theater 80*, October 30




"BUTOH BLOSSOMS, Rise and Fall of a White Flower", Locating the Sacred Festival, at BAAD,
supported by the Japan Foundation and the Asian American Arts Alliance, September 21st

"HEREAFTER" the Wild Project, July 12, 13

"Comic Strip" -LOW LIFE 6- with Jackie Factory, June 3rd

" Raft of the Medusa", Howl! Festival, June 2nd

" BANZAI!", Red Lotus Room, May 26

" Night of Thousand Stevies", DREAMS UNWIND with Jonathan Nosan, May 11

"Many Strange Flowers" The Dance Complex, Boston, May 5

"Earth Moving", GREEN SPACE, April 13

"7642", with Jonathan Nosan, Dixon Place, with the Secret City, March 25

"Roses" at Dance Conversations at the Flea, March 22

Spectral, ORACLE AND ENIGMA, *CounterPulse*, San Francisco, February 24 and 25

VANITY FAIR ITALIA shoot, NY, February 18

EARTH MOVING, New York Cool Festival 2012, *White Wave*, January 26, 29

"7642" with Jonathan Nosan, Comedy in Dance Festival, *Triskelion Arts*, January 19, 20


"La Chanteuse and the Devil's Muse", Directed by David J, Million Dollar Theater, Los Angeles, November 12

"Dance Macabre", Theater 80, NY, October 30

"La Chanteuse and the Devil's Muse", Directed by David J, Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, September 8-19

"Ritual", New Women in Butoh, the Headwaters, Portland, Oregon, July 8 and 9

"Hereafter", with Mizu Desierto, Wild Project, June 19

Howl Festival, Dancing across the Sky, Butoh offering in honor of Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata,
June 6

LOW LIFE 5 with Jackie Factory, Tribute to Klaus Nomi, June 7

"Au Dela", Lower East Side Festival for the Arts, Theater for the New City, May 28

" Ritual" and Vangeline in Feature Film "The Stare" with James Franco, Winona Rider, Directed by Jay Anania, May 9-27

Night of Thousand Stevies 22, Highline Ballroom, May 6

Butoh offerings, Gaga Arts Center Festival, Garnersville NY, April 30

"Spectral" Performance at Cornell University, April 7

"Ritual", performance and demonstration, Salon Series with Sachiyo Ito, Tenri Institute, NY, March 27

Benefit Performance for Japan, CRS, NY, March 18

Oracle and Enigma, Directed by Katsura Kan, Centre Tenri Paris, France, March 8, 9, 10

Incantation, Cool New York Festival, February 4, 6

Ombres et Lumiere, Cool New York Festival, White Wave, January 28, 29



"From Sydney to Sillitoe: an Unusual Cabaret", *Bowery Poetry Club*, Dec 4

"Butoh Blossoms", *Abrons Arts Center*, NY, Nov 5-6

"A Tale of Four Cities", *Wild Project* New York, October 23rd

"Space Dance in the Tube" with Butoh Master Tetsuro Fukuhara, October 20-21, *Wild Project*, New York

Dance in Collaboration Festival, "Spectral", *Triskelion Arts*, NY, September 24

LOW LIFE 4 with Jackie Factory September 12, Beat Girl, *Tompkins Square Park*, NY

"Mosaic", Howl Festival, September 11, *Tompkins Square Park*, New York

"Up a Road Slowly", *Theater 80*, Howl Arts Benefit, September 12

"Spectral", *Ahimsa*, Ithaca, NY, August 20th

Kazuo Ohno Memorial, June 6, 2010, *Bowery Poetry Club*

"Up So'lace", *Theater for the New City*, May 28, 2010

Night of Thousand Stevies, *Highline Ballroom*, May 24

"Spectral", *Bare Bones Butoh*, San Francisco, May 7, 8

Public Offering, *Gaga Art Center*, Garnersville, NY, May 2

"Butoh Blossoms", *Cherry Blossom Festival*, Washington DC, April 9

"Ritual", Re-Visions, *Forward Motion Theater*, NY, March 24

Cool New York Festival, *White Wave*, NY, February 4, 7

"Ritual", *Public Assembly*, NY, January 10



" Down and Dirty Dance Festival", *Dance Mission Theater*, San Francisco, November 20, 21, 22

Dumbo Dance Festival, White Wave, September 26

" LOW LIFE 3" with Jackie Factory, *Tompkins Square Park*, September 6

"Figment Festival", *Governor's Island*, NYC, June 14

" Avant Garde Festival", *Judson Church*, NY, June 12, 13

"Lower East Side Festival for the Arts" at *Theater for the New City*, NYC, May 24

" Hinterland Benefit", NYC, May 18

"Butoh Beckett Notations 09", with Katsura Kan, *Abrons Arts Center*, NYC, May 1st, 2

"Global Descent", with Katsura Kan, *Highways Performance Space*, Los Angeles, April 24, 25

" Juice up the apple", NYC, April 24

" Field Resident showcase, *The Kitchen*, NYC", April 6

"Tropic of Cancer", *Theater for the New City*, NYC, Feb 27, 28

" Cool New York Festival", at *White Wave*, February 6 and 8th



"Screen Test", *Abrons Arts Center*, October 30, 31, November 1 and 2

"Nuit Blanche", *Triskelion Arts Center*, October 4

"Dumbo Dance festival", *White Wave*, September 28

"LOW LIFE 2 with Jackie Factory, *Tompkins Square Park*, September 6, 2009

"Ekua Itsi: behind the Mirror", with Diego Pinon, *Theater for the New City*, August 8 and 9

“Mesmerized”, the *New Museum* presents, June 13

“Curious Fish” with Katsura Kan, *Chashama*, May 24, 25

Lower East Side Festival for the Arts at *Theater for the New City*, May 23, 25

Jamie Lidell Music Video Directed by Timothy Saccenti

Cool New York Festival, *White Wave*, February 1 and 2

“Screen test,” *Grand Henry Street Settlement*, January 12 and 13

"Atomic Sunshine", *The Puffin Room*, January 18



“Papillon” New York Butoh Festival, *Cave*, November 15 and 18,

Halloween Festival, *Theater for the New City*, October 31

"Hanamichi Flower Road", Radical Vaudeville, *Mo Pitkins*, October 19

"Entre Deux Mondes", * Joyce SoHo*, October 5, 6, 7

"Mirror Moon", Dumbo *White Wave Dance Festival*, September 30

"LOW LIFE with Jackie Factory, *Tompkins Square Park*, September 8

The American Living Room Festival, VOOM, August 14, 15, *Here Arts Center*

Lower East Side Festival for the Arts, Theater for the New City*, May 27

JUMP! A Bohemian benefit, May 16, *Galapagos Art Space*

"Girl with Pearl Earring", La MaMa Moves Festival, La MaMa ETC, April 26

“La Porte étroite: (Apothéose Mystique)”, April 27, at the *Puffin Room*

"Girl with Pearl Earring", *Zebulon*, March 29

"Girl with Pearl Earring", Radical Vaudeville, *Mo Pitkins*, March 27

Loft 9 Show, The *Puffin Room*, January 20


Hanamichi, Flower Road, December 14, *Galapagos Art Space*

Screentest, *PS122 Performance Space*, December 9, 10, 11

Radical Vaudeville, *Mo Pitkins*, November 28

Halloween Ball, *Theater for the New City*, October 31st

"100", October 21 at the *Puffin Room*

Nivôse, (all names are transformed), Oct 7, *Galapagos Art Space*

“MOSAIC”, at the *East River Park*, New York, Art in Odd Places Festival, September 10, 17, 24,

Chashama Oasis Festival, July 24

Lower East Side Festival for the Arts, *Theater for the New City*, May 28

Night of Thousand Stevies, *Knitting Factory*, NY, May 19

*LINKS HALL*, CHICAGO, March 23, 24, 24

ANOTHER SIDE OF IN, resonant Butoh piece, *Firehouse*, Burlington, Vermont, March 10

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA *Galapagos Art Space*, February 22



TOKYO SCOPE, *Galapagos Art Space*, October 15

HOWL Festival, *East Village Meets Butoh*, August 28

BLEU BLANC ROUGE, Bastille Day Celebration, *Galapagos Art Space*,
July 14

Lower East Side Festival for the Arts, *Theater For The New City*, June 29
C.A.R.O.U.S.E/L , *PS122 Performance Space*, New Stuff, May

Walk with me, *the Gates, Central Park*, February 26

Hanae Mori: a Paris-Tokyo love affair, *Galapagos Art Space*, March 22


Cello Danse Mania, *Galapagos Art Space*, December 28

Busker's banquet , *PS 122 Performance Space*, November 27

Vangeline Theater Retrospective, *Galapagos Art Space*, November 13

Histoire D'eau, *Galapagos Art Space*, September 30

Ritual Offering on the Water, *Galapagos Art Space*, September 1st

Dragons Fly: From Flesh to the Future , Schoolhouse Roxx!

*PS122 Performance Space*, June 31st

Fire and Ice, *Galapagos Art Space*, June 12

May the Giant, *Galapagos Art Space*, May 8

Big in Japan, Schoolhouse Roxx! *PS122 Performance Space*, April 10

Fleurs Mahjong, *Galapagos Art Space*, April 8

Fundraiser, *Galapagos Art Space*, March 24

Lucky's guest, *SIN_E* , NY, March 24

Valentine's day S.H.O.W , *Galapagos Art Space*, February 14

Lucky's guest, *Galapagos Art Space*, January 27


Kagemis, *Avalon NY*, December 5, 2003

D.R.E.A.M.S, *Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center*, December 9,10,11

Annual Fundraiser ,*Galapagos Art Space*, November 15

D.R.E.A.M.S ,*Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center*, July 1

D.R.E.A.M.S, *Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center*, April 21, 22

Annual September 11 memorial, **, September 11

Love? 22 , *Patio* , New York, December 22