Butoh workshop with Butoh Master Tetsuro Fukuhara in New York

Butoh workshop with Butoh Master Tetsuro

Fukuhara in New York

16 hours


Thursday, November 9, 6-9pm

Friday, November 10, 6-9pm

Saturday, November 11 , 1-6pm

Sunday, November 12 , 1-6pm




307 West 43rd Street corner of 8th Avenue in Manhattan

Tetsuro Fukuhara is a choreographer, a writer, and a director of Tokyo Space Dance.

His first teacher was Akira Kasai, he was very surprised with a new way of Butoh as a dance technique. Kazuo Ohno taught a way how to enjoy Butoh. At last Tatsumi Hijikata suggested to him one special mission which he should develop as an artist. Hijikata's teaching was most important for him. He have developed Butoh as an improvisation dance and he carries on Butoh as New Butoh Space Dance.

On 1972-1975, He studied Improvisation Butoh dance from Akira Kasai. He belongs to the second generation of Butoh. On 1975, He started his own works in Tokyo. On 1983, He joined "Story of Seven Herbs" directed by Tatsumi Hijikata, then he founded Tokyo Space Dance. On 1990, He made his debut in Paris and Berlin supported by the Japan Foundation.

Fukuhara has launched abroad and formed a network overseas since 1990. He is making an effort to establish a new dance without being limited to Japanese Butoh in partnership with foreign cooperators supported by the Japan Foundation, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canada Council and several foreign foundations.

On 1995, His successfull performance in "East Winds Festival of New Butoh" in London secured his status as internationally known performer. Except his productions in Europe and American areas he especially succeeded in Beirut in the Middle East on 1996, also Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Istanbul, Ankara, Monterrey and Mexico City between 2000 and 2002, these were meaningful successes because he discovered the new point of view towards Japanese culture from the third aspect besides Asia and Europe.

Meanwhile, he tackles the production of socialization of art and social development program in and out of country. On 1994 he could meet with a theory of Affordance in the field of cognitive science and a very strange nice artist, Shusaku Arakawa who made a space, a park, and a house without a flat surface only with a slope. When he has danced into Shusaku's space named "Site of Reversible Destiny, Yoro" in Okayama, Japan, a new idea of Space Dance burst upon him.

Then he has started a project called "Space Dance" as a collaboration with "Dance + Architecture + Information + Design" by the cooperation with dancers, artists, scientists, technicians and researchers. On 1998, He made "Digital Space Dance" supported by Japanese Ministry of Trade and "Behaviors in the Computer Space" supported by Japanese Ministry of Education.

On 2000 - 2003, His appearances at many international cultural events such as "Space Dance Performance and Lecture" at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory in Boston, at the United Nations in New York, at the media art festival "ISEA 2002" in Nagoya, and at several foreign locations were praised for giving tremendous impacts to the audience. He could founded that "Space Dance" is not only a new dance art but also a new design movement that leads the cultural scenes of 21st century. Also, he was a lecturer at Musashino Art University on 1997 - 2001, Kantogakuin University on 2001 - 2003.

Then on 2004 - 2006, He had a study and its publishing of "Space Dance, Someday in the Universe" as a representative researcher with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in Tokyo, also he come in "7th Space & Arts Workshop" supported by the European Space Agency and LEONARD in the Netherlands. Also he continues to teach Space Dance at many universities around the world to develop new talented students. ON 2006 in Monaco, in "UNESCO Prise for Digital Arts", "Space Dance in the Robotic Universe" was selected as "20 Project in the World". On 2007 in Tokyo, he hold "Space Dance in the Tube" at Hoya Primary School with 440 students and Tama Science Museum with many audiences, it was the talk of the town and TV news. Then in Praha, he joined an International Conference "MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences" supported by CIANT and LEONARD.

On 2008 a book of "Space Dance" by Tetsuro Fukuhara was published by Shunju-sha publishing company in Tokyo. And, on 2009, "Space Dance in the Tube" was hold at Bangkok and Kampala at the Patravadi Thearter and the National Theatre supported by the Japan Foundation, Japanese Emabassies, JICA, and the United Nations Uganda Office. We can see its news on "Bangkok Post" as "REDISCOVERING THE BODY"

On 2010-2013, "Space Dance in the Tube" was hold in Hiroshima, Tokyo, Kawaguchi, Kamakura, New York, Kampala, Nairobi, Paris, London, Braunchweig, Milano, Roma, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Nara, Nagoya, Inabe, Yokohama, Niigata, Fukui, Kagawa, Kochi, Santiago, Havana, Mexico City, Osaka, Kyoto, Mito, Kofu. Space Dance Project was a talk of the town and TV and news papers(ASAHI News PapersSouth China Morning Post<1>South China Morning Post<2>YAMANASHI News Papers). On July 20-August 25 2013, during 37 days, at Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center 38,000 people come to enjoy Space Dance.

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