Tove-Elena Nicolaysen October 20th

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Tove-Elena Nicolaysen October 20th




Cameo Studios

307 West 43rd Street

NY NY 10036

Studio A

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“My performances and artworks are a celebration of human existence and has a critical view

of social, political and cultural issues. I create from a desire to explore human nature as well

as questioning the nature of individual and collective reality. My intention is to inspire to

observation of ourselves and the world around us, to awaken compassion and respect

between us as different yet equal human beings.

I seek to recreate the unconscious language through butoh, as traces of raw humanity and

life force moving through my body. I recognize the beauty and strength of our fragility as

human beings, exposing our structures, instincts and contradictions in a poetic and sincere

expression. The result is a physical manifestation; a kind of residue of a process grounded

in personal experience, memory and perception.

As an artist, I share and expose my vision to others. This requires rigorous honesty and will

to understand my psychological and physical defenses adhered through life. So that I can

use them as my allies in my work and be fully open and creative.

Art can be as insignificant or pure as life itself.

The first time I found butoh in me was at NBX, an intercultural theatre school in Oslo,

Norway. The music from my first experience is still in my bones as well as the images that

still appear in every performance I share. This experience set roots in my spine, and since

then have I investigated butoh in different forms, spaces, people and cultures. I am very

grateful to my butoh masters and teatchers, as I walk towards the female voice of butoh with

an open heart and body.”

-Tove-Elena Nicolaysen