The New York Butoh Institute fosters a respectful community. Please read these terms of engagement for our students. These recommendations apply to you if you are a student of Vangeline/Vangeline Theater and the New York Butoh Institute, and if you study the art form called “Butoh” with The New York Butoh Institute.


We ask all our students to be on time for all classes and workshops. Butoh is a delicate practice and lateness is extremely disruptive.


We ask that students do not leave workshops or classes in the middle of class without notifying the teacher.

Committing to the length of class is important for the work.

If you are not feeling well, please let the teacher know immediately.


Please silence your cell phones. No photos or videos are permitted during classes.


We study Butoh as part of the Butoh lineage and are respectful to our teachers. Please maintain appropriate and professional boundaries with our teachers. Any question directed to our teachers can be sent to butohinstitute However, be advised that our teachers are very busy and may not always be available. We offer one one one consultations and private coaching if you require personal feedback.


Our visiting teachers come all the way from Japan and Europe. The cost of bringing visiting teachers to New York is very high. Payments to Butoh workshops and master classes are non refundable, and non transferable. Once you buy your ticket, we will not be able to refund you.


At the beginning of each workshop, we will ask that you sign a basic release form. On occasion, we take photos for our funders. This ensures that we keep receiving funding in order to be able to bring you Butoh teachers. These photos will never be shared on social media and remain in our archives.


We reserve the right to ban any student from our workshops and classes, if they do not abide by our rules of engagement.



PERFORMING BUTOH while being a student of Vangeline/Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute.

Can I perform what I learn in class?

While students are free to perform with tools learned in our classes, in our Butoh lineage, we recommend checking in with our teachers - much like you would with other dance or theater art forms.

 Can I call the work I do Butoh?

That is your responsibility to decide if you are performing “Butoh”, or “Post Modern Butoh” or something else.

Acknowledging the lineage and your teachers is recommended.

Can I call myself a Butoh dancer? What can I call myself?

Every one of us has the right to dance Butoh- Butoh has become a universal, global art form.  However, the New York Butoh Institute consider  “Butoh dancers” artists who have achieved a high level of expertise in the craft, after many years of study under the tutelage of a mentor. They quite often have chosen Butoh as their unique craft of choice and have dedicated their lives to the art form. They have achieved professional recognition in their field. When in doubt, an alternative to “Butoh dancer” could be "Butoh artist" or "Butoh practitioner" or "Butoh performer". We recommend that you check in with your teachers if you have any question about this. 


TEACHING BUTOH while being a student of Vangeline/Vangeline Theater

I have been studying Butoh with Vangeline Theater for a while. Can I teach Butoh?

If you develop an interest in teaching Butoh or sharing Butoh exercises, we ask that you seek permission from Vangeline or Vangeline Theater teachers before using any Butoh technique or exercises learned during your participation in our classes and workshops.


If you have any additional question, please email