About Kazuo Ohno—Reliving the Butoh Diva's Masterpieces
Takao Kawaguchi

Friday, September 16, 7:30 PM
Saturday, September 17, 7:30 PM


333 East 47th Street New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212.832.1155

"...a silky, versatile mover."
—The New York Times on Kawaguchi

Takao Kawaguchi, one of Japan’s most sought-after dancers and former member of Dumb Type, challenged himself to literally "copy" the dances of the late butoh master and co-founder Kazuo Ohno, from archival recordings. What results is a hauntingly beautiful illusory duet between Kawaguchi and Ohno. Presented just weeks before what would have been Ohno’s 110th birthday, About Kazuo Ohno attempts to reconstruct Ohno’s timeless masterpieces, including Admiring La Argentina (1977) and My Mother (1981), phrase by phrase. This work offers the opportunity to explore and question the portrayal of gender, specifically femininity, that appears within Ohno’s repertoire.

As a companion piece within this program highlighting the reinterpretation of butoh by non-butoh specific artists in the 21st century, New York's Big Dance Theater presents Resplendent Shimmering Topaz Waterfall, a choreographic exploration of the notations of a work by another butoh legend, Tatsumi Hijikata.

Tickets: $30 /$25 Japan Society members. General Admission.

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Portrait of Mr. O & two short films
Sun., Sept. 18. 1 PM

Sun., Sept. 18, 1 PM

This screening includes Portrait of Mr. O, directed by Chiaki Nagano, which features Ohno Kazuo journeying through and exploring his local neighborhood and which served as a source of inspiration for Kawaguchi’s About Kazuo Ohno. Also to be screened are two short films: Kazuo Ohno by Daniel Schmid and Three Films for Kazuo Ohno’s La Argentina by Yasumasa Morimura.

Portrait of Mr. O: 1970. 65 min. 16 mm, monochrome. Kazuo Ohno: 1995. 14 min. Blu-ray, color. Three Films for Kazuo Ohno's La Argentina: 2010. 11 min. Blu-ray, color.

TICKETS: $13/$10 Japan Society members

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Body Sculpting with Takao Kawaguchi

Sunday, September 18, 3:30—6:30 PM